Use of information

Whenever anyone accesses this website, our servers are capable of collecting specific data that allows us to monitor the number of website visits. Such information is used to continue the improvement and development process. The data forwarded to our servers do not include any personal data that would allow tracing and tracking individual visitors. Personal data means information that reference a specific person or entity - e-mail, name or e-mail address.

Upon sending us your résumé in application for a job with Rompetrol, we will treat each such application with utmost confidentiality and we shall not reveal any information contained therein to any third party, under any circumstances. If you apply for a specific position and wish that your résumé be removed from our database, please send a letter or e-mail to the Human Resources Department (KMG International) stating such option.

Third party information

Our website provides links to other websites that are not property of Rompetrol, are not a part of, or have no clear links with, Rompetrol (except for their company websites that are distinctly marked as being part of the Rompetrol websites). Therefore, we give no guarantees as to the contents or the confidentiality practices of such websites. For clarification purposes, “third party” means any person, entity or group of persons and/or entities that is not, nor has it ever been declared a Rompetrol member, employee, affiliate or subsidiary.

Information accuracy

Rompetrol is made of distinct entities, however, on our website we use the term “We” in reference to the Rompetrol companies in general or where there is no need to single out a member of our group. Rompetrol has used his best efforts to provide information as exact as possible on this website. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of all the information herein provided by us directly or by third parties. Therefore, any visitor who uses the information provided on this website is doing so at his own risk.

The financial provisions, the stock prices and the estimates herein provided are for information purposes only. They are updated regularly, but, due to objective reasons, we may be hindered from doing so on a regular basis. Thus, no person choosing to use such information for financial purposes and/or personal gain will be entitled to hold Rompetrol responsible for any damages as may derive therefrom.