Our evolution over the past few years stands witness for our efforts to become one of the most sustainable oil and gas players in the black sea region. We are determined to transform the future through continuous innovation and development of sustainable solutions.

Not only did we manage to increase the efficiency of our operations, reduce our waste and emissions, but we also became the first regional fuel producer to align to Euro5 fuel emissions standards. Our internships and career development programs are providing better opportunities for people. Therefore, we have not only invested in the technical aspects of our business, but also in our people and the community we operate in.

We place social corporate responsibility at the core of our business strategy and operations and we believe that a sustainable growth is the key to success.

Our stakeholders range from the Government, as a regulator and a shareholder, to our own employees, customers, opinion leaders, such as the media, and members of the community.

These stakeholders comprise individuals and groups who have an interest in, or believe they may be affected by decisions regarding the management of our projects, operations and other interests.

We aim to learn the expectations of all our stakeholders through constant dialogue which facilitates the survey and understanding of their needs so that they are taken into account and incorporated into the strategy and management of our material matters.

We strive to proactively engage stakeholders in a variety of ways and respond to questions and concerns in a timely and transparent manner.


We strive to improve the management of GHG emissions, we pay great attention to observing the best practices in the Quality-Health-Safety-Environment (QHSE) management system and we work hard on obtaining the best quality fuel.

Each petroleum component comprising our gasoline and diesel fuels is obtained and tested in our modern refineries and laboratory with state-of-the-art technology that helps us to receive highest quality fuel of Euro 5 standards. efix is a careful combination of fuel additives that reduces emission of harmful substances and decreases the potential negative impact on our environment. To this end, all the fuels produced by Rompetrol Refineries were recertified for Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety Management systems in 2015.

We participated in greening programs – our latest activity was Borjomi Forest Restoration Program, the forest burned after wildfire in 2015 in Georgia. Given the chance to plant 600 trees, we are proud to contribute to recovery of one of the largest national parks in Europe having the top rank ecological significance in the country.


The success and strength of our business lies on supporting the welfare of the societies we operate in. We strive to promote the highest standards in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

This is done by establishing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive QHSE Management system and by accepting the moral responsibilities of promoting and protecting the Health, Safety and Well Being of everyone involved in our activities, the employees of our company and our partners, their families, our clients and suppliers, the communities located near our work places and the public influenced by our work environment.

The safety of our employees and contractors is a matter of the highest interest and commitment for our company, being a crucial part of our strategy and of the way we do business. To ensure the safety and well-being of each employee we have not only implemented safety standards and procedures across all areas, but more importantly, we continue to build a culture of safety first.

We participate in blood donation programs, provide financial and non-financial assistance to orphanage houses/people with disabilities and support socially vulnerable population through various programs.


"Rompetrol Georgia" actively supports the promotion of a healthy life and is represented as a supporter and sponsor of a motor sports representative, in particular, a car racer Giorgi Kodua. Giorgi, as a successful Georgian drifter, is actively involved in local and international competitions and is the owner of many prize places. He also holds the title of "King of Drift" by taking first place at the largest regional drift competition in 2022, Red Bull Car Park Drift Georgia.

In this way, we support the promotion of motorsport and believe that encouraging the younger generations and a healthy lifestyle in general is essential for a better and healthier future.