Sports Academy is one of the most large-scale events for KMG International Group, where employees from all over the entities enroll, look forward to participating, and strive to conquer the championship.

Sports Academy come a long way from its first edition in 2010, with a record number of participants in 2014 – 700 employees and delegations from 9 countries and 3 continents, which represent 10% of the Group's employees! Sports Academy strengthened its position as the most important platform for relations between the employees of the Group.

Every year "Rompetrol Georgia" sends its employees to Romania to participate in the "Sports Academy" competitions, representing various company positions, starting with the gas station operator and ending with the high-level manager. The sports in which teams from Georgia have been competing successfully for many years and have taken prize places are basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, and chess. Teams start intensive preparation for competitions several months in advance to compete on a high level with their colleagues from other countries.

Sports Academy aims to be an internal initiative promoting a healthy life, sport, spirit of competition, and fair play to create a positive spirit among KMG International employees.