Rompetrol Georgia offers its customers a flexible way to purchase fuel at discounted price through voucher system. Vouchers (Talons) are the valuable piece of paper with different amount of fuel value. Customer should be registered as a tax payer in Revenue Service database to be eligible for voucher system.

  • Any type of fuel sold in Rompetrol network can be purchase with voucher system.
  • Consumer is buying voucher and can fuel at any gas station of Rompetrol Georgia.
  • Vouchers are available at our head office and service centers, also at selected gas stations.
  • Voucher system offers discounts according to consumed volume at once and a payment method (advance/credit/bank guarantee).



In order to purchase vouchers customer has to:

  • Visit our head office, regional offices or service centers.
  • Fill contract and make a payment.
  • Payments can be cash or non-cash.
  • Vouchers could be used immediately.



  • Amount of fuel to be purchased with vouchers are 5, 10, 20, 40, and 100 liters.
  • Vouchers expiration date is 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Head Office
           Address: 12 Merab Aleksidze Street, Tbilisi
  • Gas Station "Eliava"
           Address: 39 Cosmonauts Enbankment, Tbilisi
  • Gas Station "Sanzona 2"
           Address: 64B David Guramishvili Avenue, Tbilisi
  • Gas Station "Samgori 1"
           Address: Kakheti Highway, near Metro Station "Samgori", Tbilisi
  • Gas Station "Kutaisi 5"
            Address: 1A Chavchavadze Avenue, Kutaisi
  • Gas Station " Batumi 7"
           Address: 127 Airport Highway, Batumi