Rompetrol Opens Two New integrated service centers in Romania

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of the KMG International Group in Romania, opened two new integrated service centers on A1 Highway (Nădlac - Sibiu section), near Giarmata in Timiş County (km 500+596 left and right).

The investment required for the construction of the two gas stations amounted 6.5 million USD. The two are part of a 12 gas stations package that Rompetrol will open on the A1 Highway, with a total estimated investment of more than 40 million USD, carried out by the Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund. Eight of them are already opened to the public.

"Rompetrol continues the development of the gas stations network on the A1 highway under a new concept, offering the clients a large variety of products and services: refueling, charging stations for electric cars, shop, cafe, terrace, green areas, playground, parking lots. Practically, the station is no longer just a place where you refuel your car, but a place to relax, where drivers can regain their energy to get safely back on the road. At the same time, we continue the development of the hei brand and the new store concept with the hei&coffee brand extensions, such as the stations at Giarmata, and coffee&gourmet, where our customers will be able to enjoy a hot meal, with a variety of fresh products. Six of the 12 gas stations on the highway will operate under coffee&gourmet concept", said Bauyrzhan Nugumanov, general director of Rompetrol Downstream.

The first four gas stations on A1, located near the towns of Pecica and Orăştie, were opened in March, after an investment of 14 million USD. Two others, near the town of Şagu (Arad County) are opened and will be officially inaugurated in the next period. The remaining four integrated centers on the A1 will operate near Recaş (Timiş County) and Cristian (Sibiu County).

Each new station on the highway has between 45 and 65 employees, and the interior area is between 300 and 600 square meters, three times more than a regular gas station. On the outside, the total area is over 35,000 square meters, with over 150 parking spaces on the left Giarmata and approximately 120 on the right Giarmata. Drivers have four fast charging stations for electric cars at each of the locations.

The company also continues the collaboration with KFC, which opened a new restaurant in the Giarmata left station. In March, KFC inaugurated two other units in the Rompetrol gas stations near Orăştie and Pecica, on the A1 highway.

Rompetrol is open to other partnerships, especially for the promotions of local producers from the regions where the gas stations were built.

"We are ready to set up outdoor spaces as well, depending on the interest of local partners, for them to be able to sell their products in the most rigorous safety conditions," said Bauyrzhan Nugumanov.

The stations were handed over for equipment, operation, and maintenance by The National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration to Rompetrol Downstream, based on service concession contracts awarded by public auction.


Rompetrol Downstream

Rompetrol Downstream is the retail division of the KMG International Group in Romania.

At the end of Q1 2023, the company operated a network of 1,284 fuel sales points, consisting of Rompetrol's own stations, Partener Rompetrol, and mobile stations - Rompetrol Express and internal bases (9 and 20 cubic meter tanks located on the premises of the companies in various fields of activity – transport, construction, agriculture, etc.)

In addition, the company operates 6 fuel depots, around 280 LPG car charging stations and more than 7,000 distribution points for LPG/Rompetrol cylinders for household needs.

The retail division of the KMG International Group launched in 2017 the first gas station equipped with charging stations for electric cars, and in 2018 it completed the installation of solar panels in one of the Rompetrol gas stations in Bucharest, a first for Romania and the Black Sea region.