Rompetrol Georgia to Congratulate World’s Strongest Sportsman on his Victory

The Rompetrol team congratulates Lasha Talakhadze - the strongest sportsman in the world on his victory. The Georgian weightlifter, the winner of the European championship set new world records in all three disciplines, in the snatch and the clean and jerk in two lifts each and won three gold medals. Talakhadze completed a snatch of 218 kg and a clean and jerk of 260kg, with his total of 478kg.

Irakli Turmanidze, the captain of the Georgian weightlifting team delivered a successful performance during the European Weightlifting Championship held in Batumi. He won one bronze and two silver medals. In total, the Georgian weightlifters obtained 15 medals at the Championship, including 5 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals.

Once again, Rompetrol would like to congratulate Lasha Talakhadze on his title of a world-class athlete. We are proud of the fact that the Georgian sportsman is the strongest in the world and that his success has been internationally acknowledged. We also would like to congratulate Irakli Turmanidze and other weightlifters on their victory. We appreciate their commitment and efforts, and express our gratitude towards the Georgian Weightlifting Federation. We are proud of supporting such a successful sport“, declares Zamanbek Mirzayanov, General Director at Rompetrol Georgia.

Within its corporate social responsibility, Rompetrol Georgia pays great attention to supporting sports which is manifested through various activities. It is the company’s fifth year as a general sponsor of the Georgian Weightlifting Federation.

The European Weightlifting Championship was held in Batumi on April 7-13, 2019 hosting over 400 participants from 44 countries.