“Rompetrol Georgia” has congratulated Lasha Talakhadze on Gaining the Title of the Best Weightlifter of the Year and Awarded him with Monetary Prize.

The World’s Best Weightlifter 2018 - Olympic, world and European champion, world’s record-breaker Lasha Talakhadze’s awarding ceremony was held in Kobuleti under the auspices of the International Weightlifting Federation. The World’s Best Woman Weightlifter, Spanish Lidia Valentini was also awarded in Kobuleti. The cup of the World’s Best Weightlifters of the year was given to the sportsmen by Dr. Tamas Ajan in person - the president of the International Weightlifting Federation.

Georgia hosted the award ceremony for the second time and Lasha Talakhadze has gained the title of the planet’s strongest weightlifter twice.

The representatives of “Rompetrol Georgia” also attended the award ceremony. They personally congratulated the world’s strongest sportsmen on winning and gave the monetary award in amount of $10,000 to Lasha Talakhadze on behalf of Zamanbek Mirzayanov - the General Director of the company.

“On behalf of “Rompetrol”, we congratulate one more time the planet’s strongest person and the whole Georgia on his winning. “Rompetrol” is a supporter of Weightlifting Federation in all of the countries where it operates. We are glad that our company contributes to sportsmen’s progress, supports popularization of healthy lifestyle in the youth and development of Georgian sport. We are twice as much glad that a ceremony of this importance was held in Georgia for the second time and we are proud that the world’s strongest weightlifter is Georgian.” – said Zamanbek Mirzayanov, the General Director of Rompetrol Georgia and the Vice President of Georgian Weightlifting Federation.

The best man and woman weightlifters of the year were identified by a poll conducted on the webpage of the International Weightlifting Federation. About 30,000 people participated in the poll. Lasha Talakhadze, who has become the world’s best man weightlifter of the year twice, has recieved 17, 800 votes.

“Rompetrol Georgia” has been the general sponsor and an active supporter of the Georgian Weightlifting Federation since 2015. Last year the General Director of the company, Zamanbek Mirzayanov was designated as the Vice President of the Georgian Weightlifting Federation.