Rompetrol Continues its Social Responsibility Campaign in Cooperation with BREATH Georgia

"Rompetrol Georgia" announced the resumption of the charity campaign in connection with the International Day for Protection of Children. Like last year, Rompetrol Georgia continues to cooperate with BREATH Georgia to help children with disabilities. As part of the cooperation, Rompetrol Georgia fully provides with the highest quality fuel the vehicle equipped for people with special needs throughout the year, so that care for the health of children can be carried out uninterruptedly.

BREATH Georgia has been taking care of children with disabilities since 2010. Today, the organization has four family-type houses at its disposal, which serve 23 beneficiaries. BREATH Georgia does its best for the socialization of children with disabilities and the satisfaction of all their needs.

The beneficiaries of the organization participate in the state program of rehabilitation/habilitation, which includes various services, including the services of a physiotherapist, speech therapist, and psychologist. The program is very important for the health and development of children, as it focuses on the development of various life skills in them.

Participation in the program involves transportation of beneficiaries to and from the rehabilitation/habilitation center several times a day, which is associated with high fuel costs for the caregiver, so Rompetrol Georgia decided to support them this year again and gave the organization a voucher for 1000 liters of fuel. As a result, beneficiaries receive services uninterruptedly and systematically, which is of essential importance to them.

Rompetrol Georgia has been taking care of children with disabilities for many years. In addition to providing fuel, it has become a kind of tradition in the company to create a New Year's mood for children, namely, to make the beneficiaries happy during the holiday period by bringing them desired gifts, and organizing festive events.

"Rompetrol Georgia" congratulates all children on International Children's Day and wishes them a happy and carefree childhood.