• Euro Diesel

    Rompetrol Georgia’s Euro Diesel represents European type of fuel, which is refined in Romania and corresponds to all Euro Standards requirements.  [...]

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  • Efix Euro Diesel

    The most important exchange part is fuel!Rompetrol offers the market flagship in diesel quality by introducing Efix Diesel.Multiple advantages for Diesel EnginesEfix Diesel contains a [...]

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  • Efix Euro Premium

    Themost important exchange part is fuel!By launching Efix, Rompetrol introduced a new quality standard - an unleaded gasoline which protects the engine.  Cleans the [...]

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  • Euro Regular

    Rompetrol Georgia’s Euro Regular type of fuel, as all other types of fuel imported by the company is produced at the refiner owned by the Rompetrol Group Petromidia, which is situated on the [...]

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  • Efix S Euro 98

    Add power to your engine!EfixS is a premium fuel, essential for cars in order to achieve maximum performance. Regardless of the configuration of the car, you can choose the most suitable fuel [...]

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Rompetrol Georgia and TRG

  • Mission

    We distinguish ourselves by offering competitive fuel supply solutions to individuals and businesses, through cost efficient distribution channels, promoting innovation and acting [...]

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  • Vision

    Respect for employeesTRG encourages the inventivity and talent of its employees. We tempt to maintain a cooperative working atmosphere so as the employees to meet their potentials. As [...]

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  • Values

    Our PeopleWe embrace personal development through individual initiative, combined with company-sponsored education and development programs. Also, we believe in mutual respect and [...]

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